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Solutions for your business

What is Chat center ?

It is a service made up of a group of professionals in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. They will be in charge of helping their clients with all the doubts they have regarding the product or service, and their main function will be to seek to make sales with clients in their database through tools such as whatsapp, email and messenger.

What the service includes
  • Agenda: Organization of appointments and reminders

  • Support: Customer service, in charge of answering questions, guiding the purchase process and personalized attention to the needs of its customers.

  • Chat marketing: Sending messages according to the selected plan based on existing customers who will be followed up in order to make sales.

  • Reports and metrics: Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing chat and measurement of weekly results.

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¿Why Chat Center ?

Robot with Human Treatment
All in the same place
Not to be overlooked

A Little Bit of Empathy

Respond quickly and at any time to messages, posts or announcements. Create simple conversations that guide potential customers as if you were doing it yourself, increase the immediacy with which they receive the information their customers are looking for.

But achieve all this in a conversation, not in a monologue generating empathy

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