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 "We take your business to the next level" 

 JS Technologies History 

JS Tehcnologies is a technology company with more than 10 years in the market, our focus is to provide a professional and excellent service to our clients.

What we know today as JS Tehcnologies was born as an idea from our founder's university project in which a web page for a business idea had to be created, which ended up being used in a project in the area of ​​medicine. This was our first inclusion in this technological field.

We started only in the area of ​​web pages and along the way the market and our clients showed us a need and this forced us to grow, so new branches or departments such as Graphic Design, Customer Management were added to end up offering the service Digital Marketing.
At this point we renewed ourselves, the web pages were transformed into authentic versatile Web Platforms that offer customers a wide range of applications within the web to have their business completely online.


In addition, modern Digital Marketing strategies were studied and implemented, which together with Web Platforms, Email Marketing systems, CRMs, Bots, Artificial Intelligence and other tools specialized us in advanced topics of digital marketing


Already with all this and looking for how to improve, all those tools were mixed with many certifications, among them a very important one was in Inbound Marketing at Hubspot Academy, experts and world pioneers in the area. With all this and years of experience, we created our own Inbound Marketing system, the JS Inbound Kaizen, which is our premium marketing services for companies.

 ¿Qué hace JS Technologies? 

Web Pages that are virtual platforms which give our clients a wide possibility to get new clients, be online at all times, sell online, automate many processes, among others.

Digital Marketing includes a mix between traditional marketing, Neuromarketing, PNL, Artificial Intelligence, Organic Marketing and Payment in Google Ads, FB ads etc.


Graphic Design we can improve, update or completely renew the graphic line of companies. We have a robust audio visual development team so you can bring that dream to reality.

"Currently we continue to work on improving and adding new areas to meet our objective, which is to help a business idea or business successfully adapt to the current technological ecosystem, which is highly competitive and integrally and genuinely we want to help you in this change."

 Att JS Team 
 JS Target 

Our goal is to help develop a business idea or renew a business to better adapt to the current technological business ecosystem.

 JS Mission 

Our mission is to help grow, adapt and succeed any serious business idea or business in the new technological era using the latest technology and strategies.

 JS  Vision 

Being the # 1 company in Digital Marketing services and web platforms. Where with our services we help our clients reach a next level.

 JS  Values 
  • High quality

  • Excellence

  • Teamwork.

  • Continuous improvement.

  • Loyalty.

  • Clear vision.

  • Character.

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