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An Indispensable Tool

A 24/7 Business

It is a scheduled chat tool that can communicate without the presence of a human person. Through simple predefined or automated response sequences.

Ideal for giving a quick response to customers and a tool, very useful for answering frequently asked questions that your customers may have. Incorporating AI increases the way you want to create the interaction in an almost limitless way, since it responds to specific words.

 JS Bot con AI 

 This Bot has some modules with different functions, below we show its functionality so you can imagine how it could benefit your business. 

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 An Integral Philosophy 

Robot with Human Treatment
All in the same place
Not to be overlooked

A Little Bit of Empathy

Respond quickly and at any time to messages, posts or announcements. Create simple conversations that guide potential customers as if you were doing it yourself, increase the immediacy with which they receive the information their customers are looking for.

But achieve all this in a conversation, not in a monologue generating empathy

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